The first step for water utilities to develop an asset management framework is to know the current state of the assets. A retrospective way to generate asset inventory requires utility field crews or contractors to collect asset information as they respond to a work order such as an emergency pipe repair. A prospective approach sees asset information being collected before new assets get installed.

The HYMAX Asset Installer mobile application is a simple yet powerful asset management solution for water utilities to catalog, track, and proactively manage their HYMAX assets with the use of QR codes while performing repair or installation tasks.


Plan for Resiliency Plan for Cost Efficiency Plan for Peace of Mind
Track, access, and manage your HYMAX assets from delivery and installation through end of life, anywhere at any time…so that you can anticipate, prepare for and make contingency plans for critical asset needs. One-click support with onsite technical product resources …so that you can gain public trust and satisfaction through increased operational efficiency and reduced downtime. Extend product warranty up to 5 years from the day of scan…so that you can benefit from reduced cost of ownership and peace of mind.


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