Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes, we recommend inserts or stiffeners on coupling and restraint products used on HDPE pipe. We follow the Alliance for PE Pipe and the HDPE manufactures guidelines that require an insert for any mechanical connection to HDPE. While temperature causes expansion and contraction of the HDPE, the insert will reduce the changes in outside diameter of the pipe. Our inflatable / hydraulically assisted gasket will also make a better seal on the pipe giving it a continuous dynamic deflection.

Use a torque wrench and tighten down until the water stops dribbling, up to 50% more of this minimum. HYMAX products post a MINIMUM torque ft lb. on each fitting. I.e. Min. torque ft-lb = 80 ft-lb; you can torque up to 120 ft-lb if necessary.

No, our unique restraint Grip chain has a radial closing mechanism and engineered for a circular restraint around the pipe, unlike typical wedge style restraint (that point-loads the pipe). As the pipe applies axial pressure, the Grip chain increasingly tightens over the pipe, preventing pullout. Tighten to the minimum torque ft-lb printed on the HYMAX product. Torque up to 50% of the minimum if needed.

Yes, On our HYMAX couplings, we can handle 0.20” out of roundness for 2-3” HYMAX; .51” out of roundness for 4-12” HYMAX 2 (flip); and 0.51” out of roundness for 14” – 60” HYMAX Large Diameter. Additionally, our hydraulically-assisted gasket with 2-stage sealing will also assist for sealing on out of round pipe. On the HYMAX Grip Ductile body products, we can handle 0.12” out of roundness for 1.5-3” products and 0.16” out of roundness for 4-16” Grip products.

All HYMAX fittings, with the exception of our HYMAX Clamp, has the 2-stage sealing gasket that offers a hydraulically-assisted gasket. This allows for up to 4 degrees of pipe deflection on both sides.

With the use of an OD tape measure. First need to be sure the pipe is clean of debris. Please visit the link below to an instructional video.

a. Hymax products and Grip product have a range of -20F to 125F
b. Versa and Clamp products have a range of -20F to 180F

Pressure ratings will vary from product to product as well as diameter of product. Please visit the downloads section of our website where you can find the spec sheets of each product family.

We offer EPDM as standard with optional NBR, this will be product specific so please check the product specification sheets for materials available.

EPDM is very resistant to water swell and weather resistant. EPDM is a good choice as it offers a higher temperature range than NBR. EPDM is very resistant to UV and ozone. EPDM has very high elasticity, tensile strength and moderately resistant to abrasives. NBR offers very good resistance to fuel and oils and better stability at lower temperatures down to -22F.

Yes, it is recommended to support the pipe on both ends to ensure ease of installation.

Hymax grip is not recommended with use on AC pipe.

Although our specification sheets have a listed deflection capability it is possible for the deflection to exceed the 4 or 3 degrees. This is listed as the minimum deflection and can vary by pipe type and diameter.

Yes, our bolts feature anti galling coating designed to be reused multiple times.

No, the bolts feature an anti galling coating

Pipes must be thoroughly cleaned prior to install. Using a pipe descaler and or grinder will help clean off any accumulated minerals, rust or debris off the pipe surface.

HYMAX distributors are spread all over the US and Canada - you can contact your local HYMAX distributor. If you’re interested in becoming a HYMAX distributor - please send us your details.

Yes, we provide custom made products subject to the type of solution needed upon customer request. Please contact your local territory sales manager or our customer service team.

Life expectancy is at least the life expectancy of the pipe. Warranty is for 2 year from purchase date.

Yes our products are Certified to NSF 61 & 372 in addition we meet AWWA C-219 standards.

Yes, please visit the downloads section of our website.

We do many different types of trainings, please contact Cristi Bruns for available trainings, you may also contact your local TSM or distributor for available trainings. There is no fee and we will provide lunch!

a. Our Fusion bonding epoxy is 14 mil thick and is designed for potable water applications. We are testing the coatings for use in Sewer and wastewater applications b. We also offer an all Stainless steel product called Versa that can be used in Sewer or wastewater applications.

Yes, our bolts feature anti galling coating designed to be reused multiple times.