230 Series Mini-Band™ Clamp

For uniform, 360 degree sealing of pinholes, punctures, splits and small abrasions on small diameter rigid pipe 

  • Gasket fully encircles the pipe to provide a uniform circumferential seal 
  • Integral stainless steel gap bridges are recessed and bonded to the gasket 
  • Drop-in style ductile iron lugs assist in ensuring uniform clamping force 
  • Zinc-plated steel bolt has rolled spin-fit threads to speed installation; stainless steel optional 
  • Compact design allows installation in tight spaces 
  • Optional bonding device is available to maintain electrical continuity across clamp band
  • Optional add-on feature allows clamps to be joined over a longer than normal pipe length
  • Sizes for 1/2” through 2” rigid copper, steel or PVC pipe in 3”, 6”, 9”, 12”, 15”, and 18” lengths
  • Maximum working pressure to 150 PSI on steel or copper pipe; 60 PSI on PVC
pdf MINI BAND installation instructions
pdf 230 series submittal
pdf Pipe Repair Brochure
Nominal Pipe Size
3/4"- 2"
Working Pressure
PVC Pipe 60 PSI
Steel & Copper 150 PSI
3/8" bolt 25 ft. lbs
7/16" bolt 35 ft. lbs.
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